Our community is comprised of many walks of life. Dreamers, doers, travelers. Advocates, hustlers, creatives. And we all have one common thread that strings us all together. We all care. We care about where our products come from. We care about the people who make the products we use. We are about our environment and our ecological footprint. We care about quality and craftsmanship. We care about the planet we live on, and the impact we're having on it.

Our #EveCommunity is growing each and every day, and we're so proud to be on this mission with all of you. A mission to make sustainable fashion everybody's first choice. We ask that you tag your photos on social media with the hashtag #EveCommunity to help us spread awareness of our unique offering and help us along on our mission to bring cork fashion to the forefront. 

Simply, our products are made with the environment and greater well-being of our planet in mind, and that’s something everyone can be proud to be a part of.

See some great snaps from our #EveCommunity- and be sure to share yours on social media too! 


 The Ara Satchel with Gold Tags via: @NatalieYoung29

The Krypt Wallet in Pink via: @Hey.Maca

The Cappa Tote via: @MsCraftberrybush

The Ayers Crossbody in Black via: @RunySunn

The Shanxi Tote @ReneeElliot

Krypt Wallet via @NatalieYoung29

The Ara Satchel with Gold Tags via @KassandraDekoning

The Cappa Tote via: EllivenStudio

The Preston Duffle via: @DanielOcean

The Amalfi Tote via: TheBirdsPapaya


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