The Azores Crossbody: 2 Ways

Our Azores crossbody bag comes in two distinct bright colours, pink and blue. To give you a little bit of inspiration for which hue to go with, we’ve pulled together two distinct looks from our #EveCommunity.

First, we have Maria from Hey Maca from Montreal. One look at her Instagram feed will tell you she loves all things bright! With an eclectic look that is equal parts bright and colourful, Maria chose the Azores in blue (and a pink Krypt wallet) to match her unapologetic style. Polka dots, stripes, and pastel pink blazers - Maria’s Azores bag accompanies her on all of her coffee shop adventures. Maria needed a crossbody to match her fun and outgoing personality and we think the Azores in blue was the perfect match.

Read more about how the blue Azores fits seamlessly into Maria’s brilliant wardrobe in her Local Love post.

Ana  Alic is an actress, writer, and nature lover who lives in Toronto. Her signature style is bohemian and whimsical. With stacking bracelets, vibrant southwestern prints and vintage thrifted items - Ana’s style is very unique and nature inspired. Ana was first drawn to her bag for it’s connection to our Earth. She intentionally shops with the environment and sustainability in mind. Ana was very surprised with the vibrant look of the Azores bag in pink. She styled her pink Azores with a faux fur vest to brave the chilly Toronto winter - and we think it looks fantastic.

See Ana’s full post and her day trip to SweetPea’s flower shop in Roncesvalles.


So whether you’re looking to enhance your new found style or simply make an interesting addition to your existing one, we’ve got you! Choose the colour option that best suits your look, and wear it proudly with the knowledge that your bag was made sustainably and cruelty-free.

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