The Preston Duffle: Your Perfect Travel Companion

Whether you're home for the holidays or planning your next adventure across the world, the Preston Duffle is the perfect companion to accompany you on your next trip.

Margaret from The Plant Philosophy never checks a bag. And who can blame her? With only a carry on it's quicker in and out of the airport, there's less chance of losing anything & you have everything you need at your fingertips. Not only that, it can often be more affordable to just bring a carry on. Especially during times like the Holidays, you typically would rather be on your way to give your family giant hugs and kisses- as opposed to waiting for who-knows-how-long, staring at a conveyor belt.

We have to agree with Margaret that the Preston is probably one of the best travel bags out there- because not only is it super durable and waterproof, it's also incredibly light weight due to the fact that it's made completely out of cork. Light weight luggage? Check.

In addition to the Preston Duffle, Margaret shared a list of all of her favourite ECO-friendly travel essentials, read it here. 

Check out some other great adventure shots from our #EveCommunity. We want our bags to inspire exploration. Pack it up and get adventurous. Show us the culture and community your Preston experiences. 

The perfect weekend warrior wedding date. With weddings back to back all Summer- Fashion Veggie and her photographer boyfriend fought over who got to bring the Preston bag.  According to Molly we hit the trifecta, vegan, durable, and good lookin’.

 Dustin Carrington hustlin' and bustling through the city streets of Toronto with his Preston in natural cork. 

With limited space in his converted surf van Lucy- Jeff from Lifestyle over Luxury had to be very selective about the items he brought with him on his journey travelling across Canada. With a busy schedule filled with surfing and boarding, the Preston was Jeff's best bet at keeping his clothes dry- whether on the beach or taking a trip to the gym to clean up. From someone who can be frugal with his money for obvious reasons, sometimes things are worth the investment especially when quality is paired with a positive effect on the environment.

Hanging out in Pittsburgh at the Ace Hotel with Autumn.

Be sure to share your Preston adventures using the hashtag #EveCommunity. Where will you go in 2017?


December 19, 2016 by Autumn Hachey

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