What is Cork Anyway?

What is Cork?

Simply put, cork is the outer bark of an evergreen oak tree found in the Southern region of the Mediterranean. This material is predominantly used for corking wine bottles, but has proved to be a durable and reliable fabric as well. Millions of pounds of cork are used annually for secondary markets such as flooring, and fashion accessories.

Eve Cork Oak Tree Portugal Vegan

Where are Cork Oak Trees Found?

Approximately 80% of the world’s cork is found in the Southern region of Portugal in what locals refer to as montages - cork oak forests.

Cork Oak Tree Portugal Eve Cork Vegan Handbags

How are Eve Cork’s products made?

1. Harvested

The process begins in the cork oak forests of Portugal, where the cork oaks are harvested every 9 years by skilled farmers. The cork is removed from the tree in a manner that does not harm the tree at all, making the tree live longer and healthier. 

Cork Oak Tree Harvested Eve Cork
2. Marked

After the cork oak has been harvested, farmers then mark the tree with the last number of the year it can next be harvested next in white paint. The tree below for instance, will be harvested this year as it has a 7 signifying a harvest in 2017. 

Cork Oak Tree Harvest

3. Stacked

The harvest is then stacked by the farmers into different categories depending on the thickness, quality, and length of the bark.  

Cork Portugal Harvest
4. Cooked 

To remove any impurities, bugs and other bacteria, the cork house workers boil each plank carefully to ensure the material lasts long. This allows the cork to be highly abrasion resistant, fire retardant, very light, and impermeable to liquids and gasses. 

Cork Bark Harvest Portugal Eve Cork

5. Flattened & Dried

The long cork planks are then flattened and dried to ensure the material is workable and easy for the artisans to manipulate. 

Cork Harvest Eve Cork Vegan Handbags

6. Product Design 

During the long period of dry time, our designer perfects the shape, dimensions, and style of each of our designs. This is an extremely creative and thoughtful process, and can often take an extensive amount of time as well. Our extremely talented designer, Nadia, spends countless hours during the creative process to ensure we produce the best quality products from the world's highest quality cork.

Below is an exclusive drawing Nadia has been working on for a new backpack line coming this summer - stay tuned for more details! 

Eve Cork Vegan Backpack

7. Cut and Stitched

Once the harvested cork bark is flattened and dried, the in-house artisans can begin the process of cutting the material to specific design dimensions and styles. 

Cork Harvest Eve Cork Peta Vegan Approved

8. Shipped to You!

Our fast and free shipping is available everywhere in North America delivered in 3-5 business days in both Canada and the United States. 

Eve Cork Preston Duffle Vegan

Fun Fact: The Whistler Tree

Whistler Cork Oak Tree Oldest

The Whistler tree is the largest and oldest cork oak in the world, named after the sounds produced by the abundant population of songbirds whom live in the tree, The Whistler Tree reaches a height of over 14 meters. Being over 200 years old, this tree holds the record for the largest harvest ever at 2,645.55 pounds yielding well over 100,000 individual corks. To put this in perspective, a typical cork tree will yield around 100 pounds of bark and close to 4,000 individual cork-stoppers.

Have any questions about our harvesting process? Comment below, or email us at info@evecork.com :)

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