Most companies are created to solve a problem. Eve Cork was started to create a movement.

Paul Oehm, a serial entrepreneur and nature lover, travelled the globe for two years after selling his fourth company. He was looking to take a break after 30 years in the fast-paced business world. When he came back home, Paul still had the entrepreneurial itch. 

Eve Cork Our Story Paul Oehm

[Above] Paul and his best friend, Chevy. 

Shortly after his return to Canada, he went to see a friend at her nail salon located in a small town north of Toronto. During his visit, Paul couldn’t help but notice her new handbag. It really caught his eye so he asked her about it. She told him it was from Portugal and entirely made from cork. He was floored by the material and later discovered it was eco-friendly and cruelty-free.  

Until then, the only time that Paul heard about cork was when it involved wine. But cork is the perfect sustainable leather alternative for bags and accessories. A light went off and Paul started to do some research. Just as he thought, cork bags were unknown in North America. 

Paul felt compelled to show this amazing material to the world and immediately got to work. Soon after he started, he recruited his tech-savvy son, Cody. Together, they began their journey to create a line of beautiful, yet thoughtfully designed cork bags and accessories. 


Eve Cork Our Story Cody

[Above] Paul's son, Cody, (@oehmerr) and his twin sister, Carrie.

Their mission: to positively impact the way people feel about carrying everyday items. Together, they launched Eve Cork in January 2016. Eve comes from the name of the nail salon where Paul discovered his first cork bag.

Today, Eve is growing rapidly and Paul and Cody are driven to show people that sustainability and style can be great together.