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Eve Cork originates from Southern Portugal’s rural cork oak tree forests. Our mission is to design high quality, contemporary products that are made to fit people’s modern lifestyle while keeping the greater good of people and our planet in mind.

Cork is our solution.

The versatility and richness of our premium cork fabric caters effortlessly to both style and functionality. Our style embodies a timeless approach to fashion, blending classic design and artistry with the sustainability of our unique material.

Cork Harvesting

Cork harvesting takes patience – so it makes sense that Eve Cork products are not “fast fashion” items. Newly planted cork trees can require over 25 years of growth and care before their first bark harvest, making the process a time-honoured tradition often passed down from generation to generation.

After the initial harvest, our farmers strip off the outer layer of cork bark every 9-10 years once it has matured. This harvesting technique yields high-quality, raw material, and it is sustainable in that it allows our cork trees to grow larger and produce more bark for up to 300 years.


Cork trees are a renewable resource which require their bark to be stripped every 9-10 years in order to thrive. By purchasing an Eve Cork bag, your commitment to sustainability is not in vain. You are honoring the past and investing in the future of the tree your bag came from.

Our cork is sourced, harvested, and processed in southern Portugal by some of the region’s most established cork farming families. We nurture our roots in this community and are committed to creating Eve Cork products with a responsible, community-minded approach on a global scale.

We believe sustainability and style are great together.