Product Care – Eve Cork
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    Although our cork handbags are inherently stain-resistant and anti-bacterial, they may need to be cleaned from time-to-time.  Do not use any product containing alcohol to clean your bag as the alcohol will damage the cork.

    How to clean your cork bag

    Step 1: With a dry towel, wipe off any visible dirt covering the surface of your cork bag.

    Step 2: Fill an adequate sized dish with warm water. Add a few drops of mild dish soap or liquid detergent. The trick here is to make sure the water isn’t too bubbly.

    Step 3: Take a clean towel and dip it into the solution. Wring it out to make sure it isn’t too wet.

    Step 4: Rub the surface of your cork bag with the wet towel. Make sure to cover the entire bag, and to get the places where dirt/markings are apparent. Repeat the process as needed until the difficult spots are gone.

    Step 5: Remove excess moisture with a dry cloth and allow your bag to dry in the shade.  Ensure it is completely dry before using it again.