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    Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Father's Day Gift Ideas

    With Father’s Day coming up, it’s time to show your dad (or dads) some Father’s Day love by treating them to some extra special gifts and activities! A great dad deserves a great present, but sometimes dads can be hard to shop for. They are picky, and if they see something they like, they usually buy it themselves. So what do you get your dad for Father’s Day? Well have no fear, the master list of gift ideas for Dad is right here! We are going to share with you some of our top picks for gifts for Dad this year and some bonus activities you can do with him this Father’s Day!

    For the Clean Shaven Dad:

    For the dads out there who love a clean shave and deserve an indulgent little morning routine, Harry's Winston Shave set is the perfect solution for Father’s Day! Not only is it practical, but with the option to engrave the kit and personalize it makes it extremely thoughtful as well! Lots of men are still using disposable razors, so why not treat your dad to some nice new tools?


    For the Tech Savvy dad:

    Smart Speakers are all the rage now, so why not treat your dad to an Amazon Echo, or the echo dot? Not only can he use it to tell him the weather, give him news and sports updates and play music, but he can also use it as his office companion to talk to while he misses you at work! Smart speakers or any other speakers are a great functional gift for those tech dads.

    For the traveling dad:

    If you have a dad that travels a lot for work, he probably is constantly on the go, shoving things into his bags last minute and lugging his suitcase around. Why not treat dad this year to an amazing new duffle bag that is not only high quality but cruelty-free and ethically made? The Preston Duffle bag from Eve Cork is an excellent way to show your dad some love and have him think of you while he’s on his trips. 


    For the professional dad:

    In addition to a cork duffle bag or cork messenger, all dad's a good quality belt don’t they? So why not give him the gift of a beautifully ethically sourced vegan belt? Truth belts is an amazing company that offers an amazing array of belts that are great for the planet and your dad’s pants.

    For the spicy dad:

    Why deprive dad of making his very own hot sauce? That’s right, the uncommon goods Make your own Hot sauce kit is an amazing gift for dads who just can’t get enough heat!


    For the over-caffeinated dads 

    Is coffee running through your dad’s veins? If so, why not treat him to a beautiful stainless steel French press from Williams Sonoma this year. Whether he sees coffee as a necessity or a luxury, this French press will definitely amp up his morning coffee game. For a more affordable option, try this one!

    For the Boozy-beer-drinkin’ dad

    Why not a beer making kit? While beer can also make a great gift, why not have him make his own beer and enjoy the process of creating his own specialty beer? Not only is it a fun experience for him, but you can join in on the fun and bond with your dad while making the beer together!

    For the caffeinated and boozy dad:

    Why not combine both your dad’s love for booze and coffee with some bourbon infused coffee? Not only is it a uniques gift, but its definitely something he would never think of buying for himself. It’s the coffee he never knew he needed, but once he has it, he will love it.


    For the dad you can never figure out:

    You can never have too many socks…right? I have been telling myself that every year for the last 15 years, as I get my dad socks for every holiday and occasion because he is so hard to shop for! So why not get him another set of some fun patterned socks? This gift set by Happy Socks is the perfect Father’s Day set for you dad!

    For the cheesy sentimental dad:

    Most of us have some cheesy lovey dads who love personalized silly gifts for father’s day, so let’s feed into their love for your love and get dad a personalized coupon book for father’s day? You could always make the coupons yourself, but this Etsy seller creates custom coupon books for dad that look a lot more refined at an affordable price! Gift dad with the choice of a free lawn manicure, dinner made by you, a nap on the couch, you name it, it can be done!

    Now that you have some great gift ideas, you have to have some great activities planned for dad!

    • Take him on an outdoor adventure. Whether its a long hike, a bike ride, or some white water rafting, dad will love to spend time with you while doing some awesome activities!
    • Take him on a picnic. Dad’s love when their kids put thoughtful activities together, and a picnic is the perfect way to get outside and celebrate dad with some delicious sandwiches and snacks, without breaking the bank!
    • Take him golfing. Most dads love golf, don’t they? If yours does, take him for a game of golf and enjoy the day in the sun on the course!
    • Take him to dinner. Original right? Well he will still love celebrating himself out at dinner, bonus points if it’s his favourite restaurant!
    • Take him to the movies. If there’s a movie out your dad has been dying to see, take him to see it and spend the afternoon or evening in the theatre sharing popcorn, candy and enjoying a good flick.

    The possibilities are endless this year for Father’s day so get creative, get inspired, and show your dad how much you love him! Let us know what you did this Father’s day and tag us on instagram if you get any of our suggested products on the list!