Eve’s commitment to Ethics and Sustainability

Eve was founded with the goal of creating fashion-forward cork products that people can feel good about. Eve’s feel good factor stems from a dedication to making products with a positive impact on both the global environment and local economies.

All of our beautifully designed vegan products are ethically handmade from cork fabric which is carefully extracted from the bark of the historical cork oak tree. The careful harvesting of the bark actually allows these trees to grow faster and live longer. 

We are committed to ensuring that high integrity and superior ethics are in included at every step in the creation of our Eve handbags, or accessories. Our commitment to high ethical standards means that all of the products we manufactured are:


Ethically made

The employees who work in our Cork Houses in Portugal are valued members of the Eve Family. Cork houses are bright, welcoming environments where our employees work together to create our awesome products. When you purchase an Eve Product, not only are you having a positive impact on the environment, you are also positively impacting the Portugal's local economy. 


100% Peta - Approved Vegan

Every EVE product comes with the Peta-Vegan Approved label, it's how you know Eve Products are 100% vegan, abide by PETA standards, meaning that there no animal products are involved in the creation of our products.


Carefully Extracted

All Eve designs are derived from an abundant natural, renewable resource, cork from the cork oak forest of Portugal. Each tree is harvested just once every nine years, to ensure the trees stay healthy and can fully recover. Our patient and caring approach makes it possible for our cork trees to live up to 300 years!


Made with no harmful chemicals

Unlike many other vegan handbag brands, no chemicals are used to manipulate the raw material. Our premium cork fabric is biodegradable and is not created by recycling products that would otherwise be harmful to the environment. All colored fabrics used in production are created using natural vegetable dyes.


Environmentally Friendly

In addition to our products being manufactured from a completely renewable resource, and being made chemical-free, each of our cork products are biodegradable. Opposed to products like leather, cork product leaves virtually no negative impact on the environment.



Eve products are ethically hand-crafted. This artisan approach allows us to ensure each product is unique, high-quality, fashion-forward, and built with sustainable, eco-friendly practices.


Eve Cork

Eve’s head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. Where our team member's dogs are welcome to come to work :)