5 Reasons you should start biking to work

If you’re looking for a challenging way to improve your physical health, reduce your ecological footprint and save money all at the same time - why not try biking to work instead of driving? The snow is not falling yet- what better time to start than tomorrow?  Breathe the fresh air while you notice the details and beauty of nature, while getting a workout in! Here's five reasons we think you should ditch the car and start exercising those leg muscles!


  1. Wake up and smell the roses!

From the second you step on your bike you are beginning to use balance, speed control, and safety precautions.. Aren’t those basically the keys to life? As you bike past different sceneries and adjust your placement through each obstacle your brain becomes more active and aware. Starting your day in this way is sure to make you feel like you’re ready to get the job done when you arrive at your workplace- no coffee needed. (Although we could always go for coffee).

  1. It’s Eco-Friendly.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of taking a bike to work is….NO POLLUTION! By taking a bike instead of a car, you are reducing your output of emissions to 0%. The more people who get on board, the better it is for the earth

  1. $$

Save that cash! There is no insurance to pay, no gas bill, and much less repairs needed to keep your bike in working condition. You purchase the bike once (which costs substantially less than a car- AND you could buy it second hand) and it will just keep giving back to you while you save your money. By the way, you can forget about parking fees…and tickets!

  1. Commute time.

Assuming you use correct signaling and ride safely throughout the streets, you have the potential to minimize your commute time! This may not be true for everyone, but for some (and especially all of us living in the city!) it can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic you might encounter if you were driving.

  1. Work it!

Sitting in a car and navigating highways and busy streets can certainly be strengthening for the brain, but physically it demands little more than an arcade game. You can give yourself a free exercise on your way to work without having to hit the gym, how great is that!? This means that even when life throws surprises at you and you’re taken away from your normal home routine, you’ll still be physically active every day before and after work.

 If it suits you and you feel passionate about making a difference in the well-being of our earth, we truly hope you will think about the many positive outcomes of changing your methods of transportation. We often encourage our employees to take healthier steps in their everyday life, as should every company, fashion or not!


October 17, 2016 by Autumn Hachey

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