Top 7 Travel Accounts on Instagram
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We have all been there. Scrolling through Instagram contemplating packing up your life and jet-setting across the world. As most of us don’t have that ability at the moment (damn responsibilities!), we have to settle for our fix of wanderlust in others ways. Instagram is a great start! These 7 Instagram accounts will have you visually captivated and (spoiler alert) might convince you to drop everything for a life abroad.

1. Jeff Duke - @jeffduke_ |

Jeff Duke - Lifestyle Over Luxury

For the last six years, Jeff has traveled Central America, Australia, Europe, Indonesia, and North America where he found his true passion for photography after ditching business school and selling everything he had. This lead Jeff to create a socially conscious clothing brand called Lifestyle Over Luxury - making socially and eco-conscious apparel for the modern adventurer. The best part? For every item sold by L/L an entire garbage bag of plastic is cleaned up off beaches and prevented from entering our oceans! 

Eve Cork - Preston Duffle Bag - Lifestyle Over Luxury

Lifestyle Over Luxury - Eve Cork - Preston Duffle
2. Sabina - @girlvsglobe |

Sabina is a photographer/blogger with a passion for responsible travel, fashion, and food. Visiting many countries around the world (Austria, China, England, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Morocco to name a few), Sabina has an amazing eye for the moment. She captures incredible experiences during her travels and has an amazing storytelling ability to provide her followers with the right context. Seriously, check out these photos! 

3. Clint Johnston - @triphackr | 

Eve Cork - Top 10 Instagram Travel Accounts -01

Clint has visited over 105 countries (and counting) in just over a decade of traveling with one goal in mind - to show his followers how to Upgrade Your Adventure. He does this by “travel hacking” - getting the most out of your travel experiences, using travel hacks, and finding the best resources available to book a great trip. These hacks have enabled Clint to experience the world, and we are damn happy he can share that with us on Instagram. 

Instagram Travel Account - 04

Instagram Travel Account - 05

4.  Jake Graham - @jakegrahamphoto |

Top 10 Travel Accounts on Instagram - 03

Jake is a photographer from Toronto, Canada who seriously knows how to capture a moment. Scrolling through his account you will discover National Geographic-level photography with his own personal twist (in some photos, Jake can be found rocking a red jacket to reveal the sheer scale of the shot). His photography is primarily landscapes, the night sky, and his many travel adventures.

Instagram Travel Account - 06

Instagram Travel Account - 07

5. Sailing La Vagabonde - @elayna__c |

Top 10 Instagram Travel Accounts - 07

Riley and Elayna are an Australian couple traveling the world by sail, despite having no sailing experience when they first began. They document their daily encounters on their Youtube Channel and curate the best photos from their adventures on Instagram. If you’re looking for an outlet to experience the great open seas without leaving your comfy couch, you need to check out their pages! Expect crazy storms, encounters with real life pirates, equipment failures, and most importantly amazing photos of the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific Ocean.

Top 10 Instagram Travel Accounts - 08

Top 10 Instagram Travel Accounts - 09

6. Stephanie Steinman - @lepostcard | 

Top 10 Travel Instagram Accounts - 09

Stephanie's photos are an inspiration for those who love a good beach hangout - palm trees, margaritas and hammocks fill her feed with amazing colors and destinations. When she's not flying around the world searching for the best beaches, hotels, restaurants and hangouts, this travel journalist can be found in her native Los Angeles. It's easy to see why Stephanie has chosen the @lepostcard handle, as her adventures and photography are unbelievably picturesque - straight out of a postcard.

Eve Cork - Top 10 Travel Accounts on Instagram - 11

 Eve Cork - Top 5 Instagram Accounts for Travel - 01

 7. Oneika The Traveller - @oneikatraveller | 
Best Travel Instagram Accounts - Eve Cork Handbags Oneika is an experienced globe-trotter having been to 95 countries and counting, documenting her experiences on TV, YouTube, her blog, and most importantly sharing her breathtaking photos with us on Instagram. Her intense passion for travel, culture, and language is amplified through her commitment to demystify issues surrounding diversity and travel for oft-marginalized groups.

Eve Cork - Top Instagram Travel Accounts

Instagram's Best Travel Photos - Eve Cork  

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