A Young Mom's Newest Sidekick

We always love to see different spins on our products. There are no rules when it comes to how your handbag fits into your life, everyone's life is different. Whether your handbag is home to textbooks and laptops, or diapers and pacifiers- our lightweight cork handbags are great at making life just a little bit easier ;).

For almost 4 years Kassandra lugged around a diaper bag with all of her Mom-essentials, but now that her babes are growing up she realized she was lugging around a HUGE diaper bag that wasn't really necessary without all the diaper creams and sippy cups she used to need on her at all times. With the kiddies growing up, she still needed a durable bag to carry some of the things her boys need now (you know, toy tractors and snacks).. but one that will fit seamlessly into her every day life. When Kassandra found the Ara Satchel it was the best solution that meshed her needs as a Mom with her desire to still own a stylish bag that she can use for years to come. 

Read Kassandra's full story on her blog here.



Cindy Drope

Cindy Drope said:

Do you have any black necklaces. I get requests for black all the time.


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