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    Eve Cork Blog

    Sustainability and Fashion

    Sustainability and Fashion

    What is sustainability? It is defined as something that remains productive indefinitely.

    One of our core values at Eve is creating methods of creation that are sustainable. We act as if we are a sustainable ecosystem - taking from and giving back to nature. Our premium cork fabric is hand harvested from cork oak trees. Contrary to popular belief, this process actually helps the trees themselves grow faster and live longer. This means that we are deriving our material from a natural, renewable resources while having a positive impact on the environment.

    In addition, one must know that all products are not produced using solely one material. To make sure that our line of cork handbags and accessories still adhere to the core values of our brand, we take careful consideration into all of the materials we use. We spend a lot of time researching each component to make sure that our finished product is both environmentally and socially responsible.  

    We ensure our finished product is both environmentally and socially responsible.  

    If you live in an urban city, you may presume it may be tricky to live sustainably – considering the majority of food and supplies come from somewhere else. This is why we promote sustainable living to our customers and encourage them to find ways to lessen their impact on the earth. Things like buying or consuming locally grown produce, growing your own plants, buying cruelty-free fashion, and buying fair trade products are all great ways to enhance your personal sustainability. These things not only help the environment but they also contribute to the greater good of your community. 

    However, in today’s fashion world, it can be quite rare to find a company that sells products made from sustainable or ethically sourced materials. In most cases, the products we see are the results of industrial and unethical manufacturing. The significance of creating products in a sustainable way is huge! Buying or consuming something that has had a positive impact on the people, environment and economy is something you can truly feel great about.

    We feel in order to stay true to our (and to our customers') core values, we must continue to search for the least harmful way of harvesting materials. Discovering other materials that are currently less popular with major fashion brands and using them in a stylish way is precisely what we stand for.