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    Guest Post: melon lifestyle co.

    Guest Post: melon lifestyle co.

    Happy World Vegan Day!

    Here at Eve, we really like the word vegan. To us, vegan means that no animals are harmed in any way to create the cork products we sell and love. 

    Today on the blog we’ve invited Toronto-based wellness and lifestyle bloggers Karlee and Courtney from the melon lifestyle co. to share some of their best tips and resources for anyone interested in taking their first steps towards a vegan, or even a more plant based diet. Melon is all about enjoying life while being conscious of your health. It’s about going out dancing Saturday night and drinking green juice Sunday morning. It’s about being fulfilled. And that is something we can get behind. 

    These ladies share a wealth of content surrounding wellness, healthy eating and leading an active lifestyle over on their blog the melon. Today, they are sharing their favourite reads that have helped form their eating and lifestyle habits today.

    Hey! Our names are Courtney and Karlee and we’re the co-creators of melon lifestyle co., a healthy lifestyle blog that has changed our lives for the better. Recently, we hosted #melonveganweek on our blog in an attempt to spread the word about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Not only did we share some great recipes, we also focused on vegan and cruelty free products. Cork is a great alternative to leather and the Eve Cork line is so stylish we couldn’t resist teaming up with them for #NationalVeganDay.

    It wouldn’t be right to celebrate National Vegan Day without some seriously delicious vegan meal inspo, so we’ve put together a full day’s worth of meals from a few our favourite cook books to share with you.

    For breakfast, we served up a sweet potato hash from the book “Yum Universe” by Heather Crosby. This recipe is super filling and is packed with tons of flavour. What’s great about making a hash is that you can make it your own by changing the recipe to your liking. Adding tons of veggies and fresh herbs allows for a different bite each time. With a breakfast like this, we’re fuelling for the day with tons of nutrients, good carbs, and fibre to keep us feeling full and energized. With the day off to a nutritious start, there's nothing left to do but look forward to lunch! (And the dishes, of course.)

    This dish is sure to make your coworkers jealous. We strongly suggest you try these Collard Leaf, hummus and veggie wraps for lunch. We found this recipe in the book “Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better” by Julie Cove of alkalinesister.com. Her book is all about living an alkaline balanced lifestyle and in order to be successfully alkaline, a mostly vegan diet is necessary.

    These wraps taste so fresh and if you love hummus as much as we do you’ll want to pack 2 of them for your midday meal. Plus, the benefits of dark, leafy greens are no secret and this is a delicious way to increase your intake.

    Speaking of the health benefits of a vegan diet, did you know that it significantly reduces your chances of cancer, diabetes and stroke? Those are health benefits we can get on board with. Not only that, but plant-based whole foods are much easier on the body to digest, meaning improved digestion is something to look forward to. And, if you're an acne sufferer, the removal of dairy from your diet can work wonders!

    Last but certainly not least is dinner. We don't know about you, but when we come home from a long day sometimes we just want some serious comfort food. We often look to the book “Oh She Glows” written by blogger Angela Liddon for inspiration to cure our cravings. (She's also got a fab mobile app and a brand new cookbook, Oh She Glows Everyday, that we’re loving!) Tonight we’re making her Zucchini noodle pasta served with an immunity boosting tomato and mushroom sauce. The mushrooms help to make this dish nice and hearty and the homemade tomato sauce is easy and oh-so delicious! If you don't think you can hop on board with zucchini noodles, try doing half whole wheat or quinoa pasta and half zucchini noodles to ease into the change in taste and texture.

    Living a vegan lifestyle may seem daunting but with a little effort, the benefits are endless. Not only are there tons of health benefits (we’ve only touched on a few), but the environment and economy is heavily affected as well. Eating a vegan diet helps the environment more than you can imagine and there is power in numbers. Buying vegan products and eating a vegan diet helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helps to eliminate animal cruelty. Next time you’re shopping, try to make a conscious effort to buy products that are vegan, organic and cruelty free and you will be making a huge difference. There is truly power in numbers and the way you spend your hard earned cash can have a big impact. Choosing conscious products signals to the market place that there is demand, increasing the availability and awareness for such products.

    We hope that by introducing you to this lifestyle, you’ll want to make more conscious decisions in the future. Thanks for having us Eve! 



    5 Places to buy Organic Seeds in Canada + USA

    5 Places to buy Organic Seeds in Canada + USA

    Looking for ways to start leading a healthier lifestyle? Look no further than the root of the problem - the seeds. Mass-produced seeds are protected from bugs and pests using synthetic chemicals, while if you buy organic you know that nothing is added. It's healthier for your plants, soil, and most importantly you. 

    Non-organic plants grown for seed use higher levels of pesticides, affecting human consumption and wildlife. Another downside is that they have to stay in the ground longer, giving more time for pests to destroy them. Organic seeds adapt to grow in organic environments easier, and since they are grown naturally are much healthier for you. On top of these benefits, buying local is great for your community - and buying organic funds other organic companies, research, and product selection/accessibility. As the weather starts to cool down you might not be thinking about your garden just yet- but planning in advance will help you find the right seeds to grow a healthy and organic garden. 

    Below we've gathered 5 places you can buy organic seeds and products from. Feel free to browse their shops, we highly suggested switching to organic if you haven't already!

    Seeds of Change

    Deep into the background research, breeding, and development of their product, Seeds of Change ensures you receive organic certified seeds. 

    Urban Harvest

    Urban Harvest provides organic certified seeds as well as garden supplies. They have some physical locations during the week, but also have a successful 24/7 online store for customers to shop from. Some of their products are chosen based on how well they survive in an "urban garden".  

    West Coast Seeds

    West Coast Seeds started in 1983 in British Columbia and offer over 800 varieties of seeds. They are also active in the community, donating lots of seeds to local food growing projects, and even donate proceeds from some of their sales to other organizations.  

    Seed Savers Exchange

    Seed Savers Exchange is located in Iowa, USA. With 20,000 plant varieties, they can surely be considered one of the largest organic seed companies. They coordinate with over 13,000 members across the USA to provide a massive selection of wonderful seeds.   

    Hawthorne Farm

    Founded in Central Ontario, Hawthorne Farm provides organically grown seeds for flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

    Are you planning to plant your own garden next year? There's nothing quite like picking and eating fresh veggies from the garden- trust! Plan ahead, you'll thank us later! 

    5 Reasons you should start biking to work

    5 Reasons you should start biking to work

    If you’re looking for a challenging way to improve your physical health, reduce your ecological footprint and save money all at the same time - why not try biking to work instead of driving? The snow is not falling yet- what better time to start than tomorrow?  Breathe the fresh air while you notice the details and beauty of nature, while getting a workout in! Here's five reasons we think you should ditch the car and start exercising those leg muscles!


    1. Wake up and smell the roses!

    From the second you step on your bike you are beginning to use balance, speed control, and safety precautions.. Aren’t those basically the keys to life? As you bike past different sceneries and adjust your placement through each obstacle your brain becomes more active and aware. Starting your day in this way is sure to make you feel like you’re ready to get the job done when you arrive at your workplace- no coffee needed. (Although we could always go for coffee).

    1. It’s Eco-Friendly.

    Perhaps the most obvious benefit of taking a bike to work is….NO POLLUTION! By taking a bike instead of a car, you are reducing your output of emissions to 0%. The more people who get on board, the better it is for the earth

    1. $$

    Save that cash! There is no insurance to pay, no gas bill, and much less repairs needed to keep your bike in working condition. You purchase the bike once (which costs substantially less than a car- AND you could buy it second hand) and it will just keep giving back to you while you save your money. By the way, you can forget about parking fees…and tickets!

    1. Commute time.

    Assuming you use correct signaling and ride safely throughout the streets, you have the potential to minimize your commute time! This may not be true for everyone, but for some (and especially all of us living in the city!) it can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic you might encounter if you were driving.

    1. Work it!

    Sitting in a car and navigating highways and busy streets can certainly be strengthening for the brain, but physically it demands little more than an arcade game. You can give yourself a free exercise on your way to work without having to hit the gym, how great is that!? This means that even when life throws surprises at you and you’re taken away from your normal home routine, you’ll still be physically active every day before and after work.

     If it suits you and you feel passionate about making a difference in the well-being of our earth, we truly hope you will think about the many positive outcomes of changing your methods of transportation. We often encourage our employees to take healthier steps in their everyday life, as should every company, fashion or not!


    Sustainability and Fashion

    Sustainability and Fashion

    What is sustainability? It is defined as something that remains productive indefinitely.

    One of our core values at Eve is creating methods of creation that are sustainable. We act as if we are a sustainable ecosystem - taking from and giving back to nature. Our premium cork fabric is hand harvested from cork oak trees. Contrary to popular belief, this process actually helps the trees themselves grow faster and live longer. This means that we are deriving our material from a natural, renewable resources while having a positive impact on the environment.

    In addition, one must know that all products are not produced using solely one material. To make sure that our line of cork handbags and accessories still adhere to the core values of our brand, we take careful consideration into all of the materials we use. We spend a lot of time researching each component to make sure that our finished product is both environmentally and socially responsible.  

    We ensure our finished product is both environmentally and socially responsible.  

    If you live in an urban city, you may presume it may be tricky to live sustainably – considering the majority of food and supplies come from somewhere else. This is why we promote sustainable living to our customers and encourage them to find ways to lessen their impact on the earth. Things like buying or consuming locally grown produce, growing your own plants, buying cruelty-free fashion, and buying fair trade products are all great ways to enhance your personal sustainability. These things not only help the environment but they also contribute to the greater good of your community. 

    However, in today’s fashion world, it can be quite rare to find a company that sells products made from sustainable or ethically sourced materials. In most cases, the products we see are the results of industrial and unethical manufacturing. The significance of creating products in a sustainable way is huge! Buying or consuming something that has had a positive impact on the people, environment and economy is something you can truly feel great about.

    We feel in order to stay true to our (and to our customers') core values, we must continue to search for the least harmful way of harvesting materials. Discovering other materials that are currently less popular with major fashion brands and using them in a stylish way is precisely what we stand for.