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    Eve Cork Blog

    Is Cork Really Eco-Friendly?

    Is Cork Really Eco-Friendly?

    We get a lot of questions and comments surrounding the topic of cork, and whether or not it is really an eco-friendly and sustainable material to be used in the production of our vegan bags. Many people think that cork is not a sustainable material however, we are here to tell you otherwise!

    In the world of fashion and product production, cork is one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet. It's an amazing alternative to materials like leather, plastic, and canvas!

    Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork tree, meaning that the tree will continue to live and grow while we use its outer layers to produce our bags. The harvesting process doesn't start until a cork tree is 25 years old, and is then harvested every nine to ten years. This actually allows the trees to continue growing for up to 250 years!  

    As the cork tree continues to mature and go through harvest, the tree is able to absorb more CO2 to aid in its bark regeneration. As a result, our harvested trees will filter three to five times more CO2 than those left untouched. So if you want cleaner air, keep buying cork bags!

    Aside from cork being eco-friendly and great for the environment, the premium cork fabric we use is lightweight, waterproof, and super durable - making it the perfect material for our cork handbags.

    So if you thought cork wasn't an eco-friendly option, think again. Our mission is to provide sustainable products that people love. It's the reason why we started this company!

    Top 5 Travel Bloggers to Follow

    Top 5 Travel Bloggers to Follow

    With the summer kicking off to a great start, it seems as though EVERYONE is traveling these days! With flights becoming more affordable, and Air BnB becoming a commonly used platform to book affordable accommodations, what is holding anybody back? Well, if you are not someone who is traveling currently, but looking for some travel inspiration and some must-see destinations, we have found some of the most amazing travel bloggers for you to follow!

    Debi Flugge @debiflue 

    Debi is a charming young woman who is originally based out of Berlin, although you will never find her there. She is constantly on the go, trotting the globe and venturing to everyone’s dream destinations! She is currently in Mykonos as we write this, but will be soon heading over to Panama, then London and New York City. Guess what else? She’s VEGAN! Bonus points for Debi as she can share with you all of her vegan travel adventures abroad! Who thinks She would look great traveling with a cork backpack or duffle? We sure do!


    Chelsey Luger @chelsey.luger

    Chelsey Luger is one of our new favorite travel bloggers, who combines her passion for health, fitness, sports, and travel in her journeys abroad. Her feed consists of content that demonstrates her devotion to a healthy lifestyle through diet, mindfulness, fitness and spirituality, something that is perfectly in line with Eve Cork’s values! Her feed also features amazing Native artworks by artists like Wakeah Jhane and designers such as B. Yellowtail , demonstrating her indigenous roots in America.

    Dani Chase @thedanicheese

    Dani Chase is an L.A. based photographer, with an eye for beauty in the world, and shared her travels abroad through breathtaking photographs that balance both introspection and vivid scenes of life across the globe. You truly feel like you are there with her in every photo. She captures the earth’s beauty in crisp, refreshing and vivid photographs, something that is not as easy to find as you may think.

    Brittney @theblondeseyeview

    As a Los Angeles Based travel blogger, Brittney loves to share her love for travel, beauty, health and fitness, and her love for animals on her bright and bold feed! Her love for bright and bold colors in combination with her passion for travel and lifestyle create the perfect storm of exciting and aesthetically pleasing content that everyone will enjoy! Follow her for healthy, beauty, and lifestyle tips and be sure to track her journeys across the globe!

    George @explore.infinity

    George is an extremely talented artist and nomad, who currently resides in Bali, Indonesia. His passion for travel, art, photography, and veganism is shared through his miraculous photos on his feed. His talented works of art capture everyone’s eye and have definitely inspired the team at Eve Cork to explore our own creative sides! Who thinks George needs a cork duffle bag? If only Bali weren’t so far away to send one to this extremely talented and artistic traveler!


    Well that's it from us! We hope you check out these amazing accounts, maybe give them a follow if you love them just as much as us! Don't forget to bring your cork bag on your adventures abroad and be sure to tag us on Instagram

    How to Clean Your Eve Cork Bag

    How to Clean Your Eve Cork Bag

    One of the most common questions we get is, “how do I clean my Eve Cork handbag?”.

    Although our cork handbags are inherently stain-resistant and anti-bacterial, you may still wish to clean your cork bag from time-to-time.

    After using your Eve Cork product for a while, you may notice that your bag has picked up some color from your jeans or another article of your clothing. Since we use vegetable dyes to color our bags instead of chemicals to change the composition of our fabric, this is just the nature of the material. That said, any marking should come out with ease:

    Step 1: With a dry towel, wipe off any visible dirt covering the surface of your cork bag.

    Step 2: Fill an adequate sized dish or vessel with warm water. Add a few drops of mild dish soap or liquid detergent. The trick here is to make sure the water isn’t too bubbly.

    Step 3: Take a clean towel and dip it into the solution. Wring it out to make sure it isn’t too wet. 

    Step 4: Rub the surface of your cork bag with the wet towel. Make sure to cover the entire bag, and to get the places where dirt/markings are apparent. If you feel the need to, repeat the process until the difficult spots are gone.

    Step 5: Allow your bag to dry!

    Now you’ll have yourself a clean cork handbag, cork backpack or cork wallet!

    How Durable is Cork?

    How Durable is Cork?

    As a relatively new leather alternative in North America, you may be wondering how our cork purses actually stand up compared to other materials when it comes to durability. “How long will one of your handbags last?” is a popular question that we get. Our answer always is, “a long time”.

    When cork comes to mind, most people think wine stoppers, coasters and cork boards. That said, there are absolutely no similarities between the between the material used for our cork handbags and the cork shavings used to make those items.

    Compared to genuine leather goods, our premium cork fabric is lighter, softer and more durable. It’s soft and supple just like leather, but it’s scratch proof, stain-resistant and even resistant to flames!

    The other advantage that our cork bags have over leather and other vegan alternatives is that they are waterproof. Although getting stuck in the pouring rain isn’t ideal, but if you have an Eve Cork bag at your belongings will stay bone dry.

    eve cork genesis backpack

    “I live in Vancouver and it rains all of the time here. Luckily, this backpack is big enough to fit my laptop and my lunch while keeps them dry on my bike ride to work. I love the look of it and my co-workers could not believe it was made from cork!” - Sarah O (Grande Genesis | Black)

    When it comes to aging, our cork purses and backpacks require low maintenance, are easy to clean and keep their shape. You may also notice that your bag will get more supple over time.

    In addition to premium cork, all of our products are made with expert craftsmanship, high-quality Italian sourced hardware and YKK zippers.

    Simply put, our stylish bags are made to last. Shop our collections of beautiful cork products to find your new favorite bag today!

    The Biodegradable Phone Case

    eve cork blog pela case

    Here at Eve Cork, we’re all about sustainability and products that fit into an eco-friendly & cruelty-free lifestyle. Aside from creating sustainable cork handbags, we’re always looking for other products that both our customers and ourselves would appreciate.

    We recently came across a company by the name of Pela. They’re the World’s first creator of eco-friendly phone cases. Made from flaxstic (flax straw waste), these cases are 100% biodegradable and compostable. This means that when you're finished with your case, you can dispose of it in a way that actually helps the environment!

    eve cork blog biodegradable phone case

    Similar to our cork bags, Pela cases are actually extremely durable and offer amazing protection from drops and scratches. Their products are BPA-free, safe for children and come in plastic-free packaging. In addition to all of this, donations are made to environmental initiatives from each sale.

    Overall, we can’t recommend the Pela Case enough. With more cell phones on the planet than people in 2018, they're a great way to protect both your phone & the environment at the same time!

    Shop their collection and find a stylish & eco-friendly phone case that suits you at